Mil gritos tiene la noche (1982)

Spain, 1982
2469 metres
35mm film, Technicolor

A Spanish horror film directed by Juan Piquer Simon using the name J.P. Simon.

Plot Summary

In Boston, a jigsaw-obsessed serial killer is targetting pupils and staf at a university, using the body parts of his victims to create a composite woman.


Director: J. P. Simon [real name: Juan Piquer Simon]
Dep. Leg. M-1123-82
An Almena Films S.A., Fort Films production
Produced by: Dick Randall, Steve Minasian
Screenplay by: Dick Randall, John Shadow
Director of Photography: Juan Mariné [John Marine on English language prints]
Editor: Antonio Gimeno
Music by: Librado Pastor [CAM on English language prints]
Wardrobe: Mercedes Marfil
Make-up: Pedro Camacho
Hairdresser: Alicia Regueiro
Special Effects: Basilio Cortijo
Art Directors: Gumer Andres, Gonzalo Gonzalo
Filmed in Madrid and Boston (U.S.A.)

Christopher George (Lt Bracken)
Linda Day [real name: Linda Day George] (Mary Riggs)
Franck Braña (Sgt. Hoden)
Edmund Purdom (dean)
Ian Sera (Kendall)
Paul L. Smith (Willard)
Jack Taylor (Prof. Brown)
Gérard Tichy (Dr Jennings)
May Heatherly [Mrs Reston]
Hilda Fuchs (secretary)
Roxana Nieto [Virginia Palmer]
Cristina Cottrel [Jenny]
Leticia Marfil [Suzie]
Silvia Gambino [Mary]
Carmen Aguado [Carla]
Francisco Alvez [real name: Paco Alvez] [Alister Schwartz]
Alejandro Enciso [cop 1]
Carlos H. Aztarain [real name: Hugo Astar] [cop #2]
Emilio Linder [coroner]
Victor Iregua [cop at dorm]
Mario Barros [student]
Nicholas A. Burd [student]
Alejandro Hernández [Timmy Reston]
Isabelle Luque [Sylvia Costa]

Alternative Titles

Chainsaw Bastard – USA (alternative)
Chainsaw Devil – Netherlands (video)
Le Cri du cobra – France (video)
Gritos tiene la noche – Mexican video title
Der Kettensägenkiller – Germany (video)
Komadići – Serbia
Mil Gritos Tem a Noite – Portugal
Le Sadique à la tronçonneuse – France
O Terror da Serra Elétrica – Brazil
Pedazos – Mexico
Pedazos: mil gritos tiene la noche – Mexico
Pieces – Le sadique à la tronçonneuse – Canada (French)
Pieces – Ta kommatia – Greece (video)
Pieces – Australian, Canadian, Italian, Norwegian, UK, USA
Szczątki – Poland
Temahismos – Greece (DVD)
Τεμαχισμός – Greece
Куски – Russia
Части – Bulgaria
ブラッド・ピーセス 悪魔のチェーンソー – Japan



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