Mechte navstrechu (1963)

35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, Russian

A Russian science fiction film directed by Mikhail Karyukov and Otar Koberidze. Roger Corman picked up the US theatrical distribution rights to the film and had Curtis Harrington adapt the existing footage, with newly shot material as Queen of Blood (1966).

Plot Summary

on the planet Centuria pick up human music and, intrigued, dispatch a ship to see where all this noise is coming from, but the crew ends up crashing on . Dr Laungton urges caution, suggesting that the aliens might be hostile and out to colonize us, but a crew of cosmonauts and scientists set off from their moon base anyway aboard the spaceship Ocean. On Mars, they explore the crashed ship, discovering a dead alien but soon make two more discoveries – that they haven't got enough fuel to return home, necessitating another rescue mission from Earth, and that the another of the aliens crashed on Mars' moon Phobos in an escape pod.


Directed by: M. Karzhukov [real name: Mikhail Karyukov], O. Koberidze [real name: Otar Koberidze]
Odessa Film Studios
Produced by: K. Zhuk [real name: Konstantin Zhuk]
Written by: A. Berdnik, J. Bondin [real name: Ivan Bondin], M. Karzhukov [real name: Mikhail Karyukov]
Music by: Eduard Artemev [real name: Eduard Artemyev], V. Muradeli [real name: Vano Muradeli]
Director of Photography: A. Gerasimov [real name: Aleksei Gerasimov]
Music: W, Muradeli, E. Artjemjew
Sound Recordist: Eduard Goncharenko
Costume Designer: T. Glinkova
Make-up: V. Talala [real name: Vladimir Talala]
Special Effects Photography: Boris Macheret, F. Semyannikov [real name: Frantsisk Semyannikov]
Production Designer: M. Karzhukov [real name: Mikhail Karyukov]

Larisa Gordeychik (Cosmonaut Tanya Krilova)
Boris Borisenko [real name: Boris Borisyonok] (Cosmonaut Andrei Sayenko)
Otar Koberidze (Cosmonaut Ivan Batalov)
Peeter Shmakov [real name: Peeter Kard] (flight commander)
A. Genesin [real name: Aleksei Genesin] (Cosmonaut Pol)
Vitold Janpavlis (narrator)
Nikolai Timofeyev (Krilov, project administrator)
Nikolay Volkov (Dr Laungton)
T. Pochepa (Etaniya, alien woman)
Leonid Chinidzhants
A. Korotyukov [real name: Aleksey Korotyukov]
Semyon Krupnik
Vasili Vekshin [real name: Vasiliy Vekshin]
Vyacheslav Voronin

Alternative Titles

Au-devant du rêve – France
Begegnung im All – East Germany
Dream Come True – Canada
Encounter in Space – English language title
Encuentro en el espacio – Spain
The Galaxy Applauds You – English language title
Toward Meeting a Dream – English language title
Мечте навстречу – Soviet Union

Extracts included in
Queen of Blood (1966)