Meatcleaver Massacre (1975)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Evan Lee.

Plot Summary

Professor Cantrell is a researcher of the occult and who one day confronts a student, Mason Harrue, who mocks his beliefs. Harrue and his friends attack Cantrell in his own home, murdering his wife and two children and leaving Cantrell himself in a coma. Even in this state, Cantrell is able to summon the ancient demon Morak the Avenger who he despatches to track down and kill his tormentors.


Directed by: Evan Lee
All contents and materials copyright 1975 © by Cine Repertory Group, Inc. [end titles]
© MCMLXXVI [1976] Group 1 International Distribution Organization Ltd. [opening titles of Canadian version]
Cine Repertory Group presents
Executive Producer: Julie Ellen Fine
Produced by: Ray Atherton
Production Executive: Steve Singer
Original Screenplay: Keith Burns, Ray Atherton
Additional Material: Miklos Gyulai, Steve Singer
Director of Photography: Guerdon Trueblood
Camera Operators: James Bagdonas, Wernher Krutein
Gaffer: Phil Meyer
Key Grip: Jim Nyberg
Utilities: Ray Etheridge
Film Editor: Miklos Gyulai
Assistant Editor: Sheryl Levine
Negative Cutter: William Collier
Color by: DeLuxe
Original Music: Joe Azarello, Gary Ray, Ed Scannell, Steve Singer, Jay Stewart
Additional Music: Jack Millman Sound
Sound by: Tom Papke
Dialogue Recording: George Selin
Sound Mixing: Scott Sound Services
Disgusting Makeups: Don Ling
Title Design: Bob Greenberg
Oil Paintings by: Manuel Jaramillo Rodriguez
Production Office Co-ordinator: Victoria Hofer
Film clip courtesy of Hollywood Film Exchange

Christopher Lee [on-screen narrator]
Larry Justin (Mason Harrue)
J. Arthur Craig (Detective Wexler)
James Habif (Professor Cantrell)
Robert Clark (Sean Allen)
Doug Senior (Dirk Kramer)
Bob Mead (Phil Jones)
Alisa Beaton (Darlene)
Pat Nagel (Sean's girlfriend)
Woody Wise (doctor)
Paul Kelleher (Detective Shaye)
Undine Hampton (Mrs Cantrell)
Lisette Kramer (Tina Cantrell)
Doug Ely (Roddy Cantrell)

girls in massage parlour
Natasha (Patty)
Carol Silverman (2nd girl)
Dawna Weldon (3rd girl)
John DeRose (massage parlour bouncer)
Charles Woodard (street preacher)

Lyle Steven (professor in Cantrell's class)
Ellen Nicklous (nurse)
Guerdon Trueblood XIV (boy in mask)
Dorian Crane (1st drunk okie)
Phil Meyer (2nd drunk okie)
Miklos Gyulai (campus poet)
Gordon Trueblood (nuthouse doctor)
Drew Michaels (1st medical student)
Don Ling (2nd medical student/monster)
Steve Singer (grease monkey)
Marge Kazan
Ollie West
Jim Bagdonas
Ken Horne
Carol Wood
George Selin
Toni Teld
Ed Wood

Alternative Titles

Evil Force – UK video
The Hollywood Meatcleaver Massacre – Canada
Morak – il potere dell'occulto – Italy
El poder de lo oculto – Venezuela
Revenge of the Dead



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