Massarati and the Brain (1982)

USA, 26 August
35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American borderline science fiction television film directed by Harvey Hart.

Plot Summary

An American secret agent races against time to beat a former Nazi to a horde of rare coins. Along the way he is helped by a young genius who designs electronic weapons.


Directed by: Harvey Hart
© MCMLXXXII [1982] Maserati and the Brain, Inc., an Aaron Spelling Productions company
Aaron Spelling Productions
Executive Producers: Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer
Supervising Producer: E. Duke Vincent
Producer: Charles B. Fitzsimons
Associate Producer: Hudson Hickman
Written by: George Kirgo
Director of Photography: Arch Dalzell
Film Editor: Sidney Katz
Music by: Billy Goldenberg
Sound Engineer: Andy Gilmore
Women's Costumer: Lily Yamada
Men's Costumer: Harald Johnson
Make-up: Bob Norin
Hair Stylist: Joyce Morrison
Special Effects: Curtis Dickson
Art Directors: Franklin Swigg, Paul Sylos
Filmed at The Warner Hollywood Studios
Casting by: Judith Holstra and Associates

Daniel Pilon (Mas Massarati)
Peter Billingsley as [Christopher] “The Brain” [Massarati]
Christopher Hewett (Anatole)
Markie Post as Julie Ramsdell
Ann Turkel (Wilma Hines/the fake Diana Meridith)
Camilla Sparv (Dorothea)
Kathy Witt (Diana Meridith)
Christopher Lee as Victor Leopold
Kaz Garas (Nick Henry)
Gail Jensen (Camille Henry)
Heather O'Rourke (Skye Henry)
Ricky Supiran (Rocky Henry)
Yukio G. Collins (Yukio)
Jeff Imada (Sushi)
Greta Blackburn (Sharon)
Chuck Tamburo (Joe Perkins)