Marooned (1969)

35mm film, Panavision, Eastmancolor, 2.20:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by John Sturges. Production began on 18 November 1968.

Plot Summary

Three American are stranded in orbit after a malfunction and the race is on to rescue them before their oxygen runs out.


Directed by: John Sturges
© MCMLXIX [1969] Fraankovich Productions, Inc.
Columbia Pictures presents a Frankovich-Sturges production
Produced by: M.J. Frankovich
Associate Producer: Frank Capra Jr
Screenplay by: Mayo Simon
Based on the Novel by: Martin Caidin
Director of Photography: Daniel Fapp
Film Editor: Walter Thompson
Sound: Les Fresholtz, Arthur Piantadosi
Costumer: Seth Banks
Special Visual Effects: Lawrence W. Butler, Donald C. Glouner, Robie Robinson
Production Designer: Lyle R. Wheeler

Gregory Peck (Charles Keith, Chief of Manned Space)
Richard Crenna (Jim Pruett, spacecraft commander)
David Janssen (Ted Dougherty, senior astronaut)
James Franciscus (Clayton Stone, science systems astronaut)
Gene Hackman (Buzz Lloyd, Apollo guidance pilot)
Lee Grant (Celia Pruett)
Nancy Kovack (Teresa Stone)
Mariette Hartley (Betty Lloyd)
Scott Brady (public affairs officer)
Frank Marth (Air Force systems director)
Craig Huebing (flight director)
John Carter (flight surgeon)
Vincent Van Lynn (aerospace journalist)
George Gaynes (mission director)
Tom Stewart (Houston cap com)
Duke Hobbie (Air Force Titan specialist)
Walter Brooke (network commentator)
Dennis Robertson (launch director)

Alternative Titles

Abandonados en el espacio – Argentine title
Abbandonati nello spazio – Italian title
Atrapados en el espacio – Spanish title
Fezada kaybolanlar – Turkish title
Förlista i rymden – Swedish title
Oi Kataktitai – Greek title
Marooned: Avaruuslento Ironman I – Finnish title
Marooned: Rymdflyg Ironman I – Swedish Finnish title
Nasukani – Croatian title
Les naufragés de l'espace – French title
Naufragiati in spatiu – Romanian title
Oi navagoi tou diastimatos – Greek video title
Op drift in de ruimte – Dutch title
Perdidos no Espaço – Portuguese title
Sem Rumo no Espaço – Brazilian title
Space Travelers – re-release title
Strandet i rummet – Danish title
Svemirski putnici – Serbian title
Ürkaland – Hungarian title
Uwiezieni w kosmosie – Polish title
Verschollen im Weltraum – West German title
Zarobljenici svemira – Serbian Yugoslavian title

Production Notes


In the UK the film had an invitation only premiere in company of Earl Mountbatten of Burma at the Odeon Leicester Square, London on 19 January 1970. 1Today's Cinema no.9769 (9 January 1970) p.5


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