Maria Marten, or: The Murder in the Red Barn (1913)

2850 feet
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A British borderline horror film directed by Maurice Elvey.

Plot Summary

Squire William Corder murders his pregnant lover, , and buries her body in the Red Barn. But his crime is exposed when Maria's mother has a strange dream…


Director: Maurice Elvey
Motograph Film Company
Scenario: Maurice Elvey

Fred Groves (William Corder)
Maurice Elvey (Captain Matthews)
Elisabeth Risdon (Maria Marten)
Douglas Payne (Roger Deaves)
Nessie Blackford (Mary Marten)
A.G. Ogden (Tom Marten)
Mary Mackenzie (Mary Moore)

Alternative Titles

Maria Marten or the Mystery of the Red Barn



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