Mansion of the Doomed (1976)

USA, 1975
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Michael Patacki and produced by Charles Band.

Plot Summary

A mad surgeon removes from abducted women in an attempt to restore the sight of his daughter who was blinded in a car accident that he caused.


Directed by: Michael Pataki
© MCMLXXV [1975] Charles Band Productions
From Group 1. Charles Band Productions presents
Executive Supervision by: Albert Band
Produced by: Charles Band
Production Manager: Richard Shore
Written by: Frank Ray Perilli
Assistant Director: Richard Band
Script Supervisor: Monica Dunlop
Cinematography by: Andrew Davis
Assistant Cameraman: Jim Dennett
Second Assistant [Cameraman]: Robert Hale
Gaffer: Moishe Yakobovesky
Grip: Schmulik Firstenberj
Still Photographer: Steve Vaughn
Edited by: Harry Keramidas
Assistant Editor: Sandra Estrin
Color by: DeLuxe
Music by: Robert O. Ragland
Music Editor: Lee Osborne
Soundman: John Hayes
Boom Man: Tony Vorno
Sound Editor: Mary McGlone
Re-recording: Glen Glenn Sound
Wardrobe: Tommy Hasson
Make-up Designed by: Stanley Winston
Make-up Artists: Mike Bacarella, Tom Hoeber
Titles by: CineFX
Art Director: Roger Pancake
Set Decorator: Patrick McFadden
Production Assistant: Bobby Herbeck
Second Assistant: Lynn Hayes
Production Secretary: Kathryn Cunha
Food Supervisor: Linda Turley
Medical Consultant: Munzio Nerbo
Filmed on location in and around Hollywood

Richard Basehart as Dr [Leonard] Chaney
Gloria Grahame as Katherine
Trish Stewart as Nancy [Chaney]
Lance Henriksen as Doctor [Dan] Bryan
Al Ferrara as Al
Jo Jo D'Amore as Georgio
Donna Andresen as Sylvia [Porter]
Marilyn Joi as Miss Mathews
Katherine Fitzpatrick as elevator girl
Katherine Stewart as the hitchhiker
Vic Tayback as Detective Simon
Simmy Bow as ambulance doctor
Arthur Space as wino
Del Negro as Doctor Del
Libby Chase as Libby
Barry Chase as delivery boy
Sally Marr as landlady
Sandy Champion as young doctor
Patsy Sublime as Miss Dunn
Barbara Sloane as girl on street

Alternative Titles

Eyes of Dr Chaney
Das Haus mit dem Folterkeller – Austria, West Germany
House of Blood
Massacre Mansion – UK (video)
The Terror of Dr Chaney – UK
Terrore nel buio – Italy
Tuomittujen talo – Finland

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