Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy (1992)

Belgium, USA, 1990
Dolby Digital, English

A Belgian horror film directed by Léon Paul De Bruyn using the pseudonym Harry M. Love.

Plot Summary

In a remote hospital, the scantily clad nursing staff have turned psychotic and, under the leadership of the deranged Ilsa, murder their patients. Ilsa tries to subvert her daughter Sabrina into joining her insane schemes.


Directed by (opening credits) Director: (closing credits) Harry M. Love [real name: Léon Paul De Bruyn]
A Rampage Films Productions and Desert Films Productions release – copyright 1992
Prof. Baron Vollbrecht presents a Rampage Films and Desert Films production
Executive in Charge of Production: Jeno Javori
Executive Producers: John Desert, J.B. Castelyn, Roy C. Castle
Produced by (opening credits) Producer (closing credits): Harry M. Love [real name: Léon Paul De Bruyn]
Written by (opening credits) Screenplay (closing credits): Harry M. Love [real name: Léon Paul De Bruyn]
Assistant Director: Anita Csikos
Paris Sequence Filmed by: J.M. Werion
Assisted by: William Theeuws, Hans Loos
Script (Supervisor): Eileen Woods
Director of Photography: Laslo Zentay
Assistant Camera: Andrew Khin
Crew Production Electricians: Sidney Bendiner, Jules Murphy, Olga Orson, Louis Rupp, Ladislas Korda, Annie Forest, Michael Balas
Set Photography: Guido Vermeulen, William Theeuws
Editor: John Desert
Video Editors: John Wottors, Patrick II. Vanex, Jan Brants, Hans Crol, Marc Walls, Kyril Monk
Music by: Phillip Smithe
Location Sound: Louis Cherry
Sound and Sound Effects: J.B. Castelyn
Costume Designer: Andrea Brooks
Assistant: Andrea Brooks
Make Up: Annie Lampe
Assistant Make Up: Kate Lilly
Special Make Up Effects: Kate Jokey
Special Effects: Louis Vasari
Assistant Special Effects: Jules Christopher, Alex D’Arc
Titles: Paul Hays, Veronica Harts
Art Director: Elisabeth Elbert
Interiors: Judith Brown
Furniture: Steve Borg
Accountant: Jacques Moentack
Financial Assistance: J.C. Becu, Louis Thormos
Production Assistant: Thomas Maros
Production Facilities: Arimpex Ltd
Ballistics: Gabor Chakovic, Biola Regeczy, Mike Wolf
Medical Consultant: Dr E.
Legal Assistance: Leon de Bruyn
Dedicated to: Ilonna Staller, Jeff Koonz and Traci Lords
Casting by: Paul Woodman

Susanna Makay as Sabrina
Hajni Brown as Ilsa
Celia Farago as Greta
Nicole A. Gyony (Betty)
Magdalena Ryman (Ushi)
Any Schultz (Gretchen)
Agatha Palace (Ivy)
Mercedes Klein (chained girl)
Otto B. Leitner (car driver)
Martha Fun (driver’s wife)
Steve Lambion (gardener)
Charles De Wilde (garbageman)
Otto Wald (monk)
Anette Maynard, Eva Shubert (camping girls)
Peter Bowland, Roland Taylor (campers)
Christopher M. Maros (baby)

Alternative Titles

Bloodsucking Freaks II – working title
Maniac Nurses
Maniac Nurses: Bloodsucking Freaks II – USA (video)