Malenka (1969)

Spain, Italy,
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Amando de Ossorio.

Plot Summary

A young woman inherits a castle only to find it full of .


Directed by: Amando de Ossorio
Cobra Films, Felix Cinematografica, Tritón P.C., Victory Films
Produced by: Aubrey Ambert, Rosanna Yanni
Written by: Amando de Ossorio
Director of Photography: Fulvio Testi
Editor: Antonio Gimeno
Music by: Carlo Savina
Make-up: Manolita Ponte, Marisa Tilli
Hair Stylists: Antonio Nieto, Ana Maria Zinni
Production Designers: Augusto Lega, Félix Michelena

Anita Ekberg (Malenka/Sylvia Morel)
John Hamilton [real name: Gianni Medici] (Dr Piero Luciani)
Diana Lorys (Bertha Zemis)
Rosanna Yanni (Freya Zemis)
Guy Roberts [real name: César Benet] (Max)
Carlos Casaravilla (Dr Horbinger)
Fernando Bilbao (Vladis the coachman)
Paul Muller (Dr Albert)
Adriana Santucci (the count's maid)
Aurelia Treviño (village woman)
Juanita Ramírez (Brugard the barmaid)
Audrey Ambert [real name: Adriana Ambesi] (Blinka)
Julián Ugarte (uncle/Count Walbrooke)
Keith Kendal (man)

Alternative Titles

Bloody Girl – French advertising title
I ekdikisi ton zontanon nekron – Greece
Fangs of the Living Dead – USA
Malenka la vampire – France
Malenka, i komissa Drakoulas – Greece
Malenka, la nipote del vampiro – Italy
Malenka, la sobrina del vampiro – Spain
Malenka, the Niece of the Vampire – USA (video)
Malenka, the Vampire – USA
The Vampire's Niece – USA (video)

Extracts included in
Amando de Ossorio: El último templario (2001)

Includes extracts from
Operazione paura (1966)



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