Mai nei dak gung dui (1984)

Taiwan, 1984
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1

A Taiwanese comedy horror film directed by Chu Yen Ping.

Plot Summary

During World War II, with Japanese forces overrunning everything in their path and Allied leaders dead or imprisoned, drastic measure are called for. An elite force of misfits and fighters is assembled to try to rescue the imprisoned leaders – but things are not always as easy as they seem, especially when they also have to deal with a tribe of Amazons and a haunted house full of hopping vampires.


Director: Chu Yen Ping
Cheung Ming Film (HK) Co
Presented by: Wang Yu, Lin Jung-Feng
Producer: Shen Hsiao-Yin
Supervisors: Chian Wen-hsiung, Shen Hsiao-Yin
Planning: Hsu Tsai-Lai
Written by: Hsin Wei
Music by: Tao Da Way [real name: David Tao]
Wardrobe: Mei-Wo Tsai

Jacky Chan [real name: Jackie Chan] (Sammy)
Lin Ching Tsai (Lily)
Jung Shau Chiu (leader of the Amazons)
Wang Yu (Don Win)
Shiu Bu Lia (Shi-Tou)
Fang Jung (Baldy)
Sun Yuih (Old Sun)
Tao Da Way (Billy)
Gon Ling Fring (Grease Lightning)
Chang Ling (Emily)

Alternative Titles

Mi Ni Te Gong Dui – Hong Kong (Mandarin)
Dragon Attack
Fantasy Mission Force
Mini Special Force
– Malaysia (English language)
Mission Force
– Germany (video)

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