Madhouse (1974)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British/American horror film directed by Jim Clark.

Plot Summary

Paul Toombes, a popular horror film actor best known as the title character in the Doctor Death series, retired after the brutal murder of his fiancée. Many years later, Toombes is planning a comeback movie, only to find that someone is stalking the production…


Directed by: Jim Clark
© American International Productions (England) Limited MCMLXXIV [1974]
Samuel Z. Arkoff presents an American International Amicus co-production. An American International picture
Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff
Produced by: Max J. Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky
Associate Producer: John Dark
Production Manager: Pat Green
Screenplay by: Greg Morrison and Ken Levison
Based on the Novel ‘Devilday' by: Angus Hall
Assistant Director: Allan James
Continuity: Lorna Selwyn
Director of Photography: Ray Parslow
Camera Operator: Ken Coles
Photographed in Eastmancolor
Editor: Clive Smith
Processed by: Rank Film Laboratories
Original Music Composed and Conducted by: Douglas Gamley
Song Written and Performed by: Gordon Clyde
Sound Recordists: Danny Daniel, Gerry Humphreys
Sound Editor: Peter Horrocks
Wardrobe Mistress: Dulcie Midwinter
Chief Make-up: George Blackler
Chief Hairdresser: Helen Lennox
Special Effects: Kerss & Spencer
Art Director: Tony Curtis
Assistant Art Director: John Siddall
Set Dresser: Keith Wilson
Construction Manager: Bill Waldron
Made at: Twickenham Film Studios, London, England
Casting Director: Rose Tobias Shaw

Vincent Price (Paul [Toombes])
Peter Cushing (Herbert [Flay])
Robert Quarry [Oliver] Quayle)
Adrienne Corri (Faye [Carstairs])
Natasha Pyne (Julia)
Linda Hayden (Elizabeth [Peters])
Barry Dennen (Blount)
Ellis Dale (Alfred Peters)
Catherine Willmer (Louise [Peters])
John Garrie (Inspector Harper)
Ian Thompson (Bradshaw)
Jenny Lee Wright (Carol [Clayton])
Julie Crosthwait (Ellen)
Michael Parkinson (T.V. interviewer)
Boris Karloff [in archive footage]
Basil Rathbone [in archive footage]
Peter Halliday (psychiatrist)
George Blackler [George, the make-up man – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

The Madhouse of Dr Fear
The Revenge of Dr Death

Includes extracts from
House of Usher (1960)
Pit and the Pendulum (1961)
The Raven (1963)
Tales of Terror (1962)

See also
House of Wax (1953)


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