Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987)

USA, 1987
black and white, colour
mono, English

An American compilation film created by Jim Monaco.

Plot Summary

A collection of trailers from exploitation movies.


Directed by: Jim Monaco
© 1987 Off the Wall Video Productions
Off the Wall Video presents a James F. Murray Jr, Ron Garcia production
Executive Producers: Joe Amodei Jr, Michael C. Meister
Produced by: Ron Roccia, James F. Murray Jr
Written by: James F. Murray Jr, Ron Roccia, Jim Monaco and Nick Pawlow
Camera: Jim Monaco, Michele Liadis
Edited by: Jim Monaco
Music by: Nicholas Kitsopoulos
Sound Effects: Nicholas Kitsopoulos
Make-up by: Jordu Schell and Jay Kushwara
Pyrotechnics: Bill Hreha Jr

Hosted by Nick Pawlow and “Happy”
Happy Goldsplatt
Michael Townsend Wright
Anthony Kelly
Jim Monaco
Ron Roccia
Fred Pomerleau
Joe Amodei
Jordu Schell
Nicholas Kitsopoulos
John Murray
Mark Brams
Carol Hoffman
Jim Poliny
Terina Johnson
Annette Bonomo
Joanne Stillie

Includes extracts from
Africa addio (1966)
Antefatto (1971)
Black Christmas (1974)
Blood and Lace (1970)
Bloodeaters (1980)
Il boia scarlatto (1965)
El buque maldito (1973)
Cannibal Girls (1973)
La casa dell’esorcismo (1973)
Chi sei? (1974)
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972)
Color Me Blood Red (1965)
I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale (1973)
The Corpse Grinders (1972)
Deranged (1974)
La figlia di Frankenstein (1971)
Flesh Feast (1970)
The Ghastly Ones (1968)
God Told Me To (1976)
La horripilante bestia humana (1968)
I Dismember Mama (1974)
I Drink Your Blood (1970)
Ilsa She Wolf of the SS (1974)
La lama nel corpo (1967)
The Last House on the Left (1972)
Love Me Deadly (1973)
Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)
Malenka (1969)
Miss Muerte (1966)
The Mutations (1973)
Night of Bloody Horror (1969)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
La novia ensangrentada (1972)
Operazione paura (1966)
Il paese del sesso selvaggio (1972)
La Plus longue nuit du diable (1971)
Profondo rosso (1975)
La residencia (1969)
Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974)
Sisters (1973)
Tales from the Crypt (1972)
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
The Thrill Killers (1964)
The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)
The Vault of Horror (1973)
The Wizard of Gore (1970)
Three on a Meathook (1972)
Tower of Evil (1972)
Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964)