Maciste alla corte dello zar (1964)

Italy, 1964
84m, 86m (Spain), 91m (USA)
35mm film, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian fantasy film directed by Tanio Boccia using the pseudonym Amerigo Anton.

Plot Summary

A scientific expedition discovers a tomb containing a sarcophagus inside which they find Maciste who revives when his body is exposed to sunlight. The tyrannical Nicholas learns of Maciste’s existence and plans to exploit him to his own ends. But when Maciste falls in love with Sonia, she reveals the Czar’s true intentions.


Directed by: Amerigo Anton [real name: Tanio Boccia]
© [not given on screen]
A Cineluxor production
Produced by: Luigi Rovere
Production Manager: Renato Panetuzzi
Screenplay: Mario Moroni, Alberto De Rossi, Amerigo Anton [real name: Tanio Boccia]
Story: Mario Moroni
Assistant Director: Mario Casalini
Continuity: Maria Luisa Rosen
Photography by: Aldo Giordani
Camera Operator: Sergio Bergamini
Camera Assistant: Nello Renzi
Stills Photographer: Walter Civirani
Assistant Editor: Alba di Salvo
Music by: Carlo Rustichelli
Publishers: Edizioni Musicali G. Campi
Sound: Luigi Puri, Oscar di Santo
Boom Operator: Alvaro Orsini
Dubbing Studio: S.A.S.
Figurines and Costumes: Walter Patriarca
Costume Assistants: Elio Nicheli, Angiolina Menichelli
Costume House: Tigano-Lo Faro
Footwear: Pompei
Key Make-up: Duilio Giustini
Key Hairstylist: Gustavo Sisi
Wigs: Maggi
Special Effects: Eugenio Ascani
Art Director: Amedeo Mellone
Assistant Art Director: Oreste Sabatini
Armourers: Rancati
Construction Managers: Carlo Agate, Angelo Zambon
Administrative Director: Fernanda Ventimiglia
Production Secretaries: Carlo Marchetti, Enzo Ippolito
Studio: Cinecitta’, [Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy]

Kirk Morris (Maciste)
Massimo Serato (Czar Nicola Nicolajevic)
Ombretta Colli (Sonia)
Gloria Milland (Nadia)
Tom Felleghi [real name: Tom Felleghy] (Akim)
Giulio Donnini (Igor)
Dada Gallotti (Katia)
Ugo Sasso
Arnaldo Arnaldi
Renato Rossini [real name: Howard Ross]
Attilio Dottesio
Luigi Scavran
Consalvo Dell’Arti
Spartaco Battisti
Giovanni Sabbatini
Franco Pechini
Marco Pasquini
Giorgio Bixio
Nello Pazzafini [Keeper of the Cave – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Atlas Against the Czar – USA
Giant of the Lost Tomb – UK
Le Trésor des tsars – France
Marco – Der Unbezwingbare – West Germany
O Masistas stin avli tou tsarou – Greece
Samson vs. the Giant King – USA


Kinematograph Weekly no.2980 (12 November 1964) p.16
Presentation is the prime factor in these Italian spectaculars and though this film has little to offer in the way of new spectacle the producer has done a good job of work. The now familiar character of fiction, the mighty Maciste performs some colossal feats quite beyond, of course, the capabilities of a mere human. Kirk Morris is well equipped physically for the role, Massimo Serato is sound as the Czar and support generally is good. Much of the action takes place in picturesque exteriors and these and the lavish sets are considerably enhanced by Technicolor and Techniscope. The dubbing of the voices, too, is effective – from an uncredited review

Monthly Film Bulletin vol.31 no.371 (December 1964) p.178
Compendium of Italian spectacle cliches, quite handsomely mounted as these things go, but let down with a thump by exceedingly lazy scripting and acting. There is something peculiarly indolent about the way so many Italian small-part players enter into scenes of action or sadistic violence, and this has communicated itself to the Maciste, Kirk Morris, a suety innocent with a passing resemblance to the young Elvis Presley – facially, anyway. The Russian backgrounds are incongruous without being funny, and the direction is dull. – from an uncredited review



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