Macabro (1980)

35mm film, Telecolor
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Lamberto Bava. It was originally released in Italy on 17 April 1980.

Plot Summary

Jane Baker is deeply traumatised by the death of her husband. In the flat below her, blind musician Robert becomes increasingly obsessed with Jane and listens in to her noisy love-making – but who is she sleeping with and what is it that she keeps under lock and key in her fridge?


Directed by: Lamberto Bava
© 1980 Medusa Distribuzione A.M.A. Film
A.M.A. Film Rome and Medusa Distribuzione
Produced by: Gianni Minervini and Antonio Avati
Story and Screenplay by: Pupi Avati, Roberto Gandus, Lamberto Bava, Antonio Avati
Director of Photography: Franco Delli Colli
Editor: Piera Gabutti
Music by: Ubaldo Continiello
Sound: Gianni Zampagni
Costumes: Katia Dottori
Make-up: Alfonso Cioffi
Special Effects: Tonino Corridori, Angelo Mattei
Set Decoration: Katia Dottori

Bernice Stegers (Jane)
Stanko Molnar (Robert Duval)
Veronica Zinny (Lucy)
Roberto Posse (Fred Kellerman)
Ferdinando Orlandi (Mr Wells)
Fernando Pannullo (Leslie Baker)
Elisa Kadiga Bove

Alternative Titles

Baiser macabre – French title
Frozen Terror
Kauhun yö
– Finnish video title
– UK , US title
Macabro – Die Küsse der Jane Baxter
– West German title

Extracts included in
A Head for Horror: Lamberto Bava on Macabre (2001)

Production Notes

A caption tells us that only one year has passed since Michael's death and the bulk of the film – yet on the anniversary of the tragedy, Lucy tells Robert that she and her father have visited the boy's grave “every year” since his death.



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