M.R. James: Ghost Writer (2013)

UK, December 2013
digital video, colour, 16:9
stereo, English

A British television documentary.


Mark Gatiss looks at the life and career of ghost story writer M.R. James.


Directed by: John Das
Executive Producer: Michael Poole
Produced by: John Das
Assistant Producer: Andy Mosse
Production Manager: Deborah Read
Production Co-ordinator: Nikki Jones
Written by: Mark Gatiss
Photography: Mike Robinson
Additional Camera: Andy Mosse
Film Editor: Glenn Rainton
Online Editor: James Beynon
Colourist: Michael Lansdell
Sound: Simon Pinkerton
Dubbing Mixer: Pete Howell
Additional Research: Chloë Penman

Presented by Mark Gatiss
Robert Lloyd Parry (M.R. James)
Martin Bassindale, Adam Collier, Harry De Moraville, Peter Edwards, Alec Fellows-Bennett (Chitchat Society members)

Alternative Titles

Ghost Writer
The Lost Ghost Story with Mark Gatiss
– advertising title