Lunatics: A Love Story (1991)

35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Josh Becker.

Plot Summary

An agoraphobic poet crosses paths with a woman who has been made homeless and attacked by a local gang and a man in a phone booth who experiences a strange “glitch” in the system.


Directed by: Josh Becker
© MCMXCI [1991] Renaissance Pictures II LImited Partnership
Renaissance Pictures presents a Sam Raimi & Robert Tapert production
Co-executive Producers: Brian C. Manoogian, James A. Courtney
Produced by: Bruce Campbell
Co-producer: David M. Goodman
Associate Producer: Ruth Jessup
Written by: Josh Becker
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Dougherty
Edited by: Kaye Davis
Music Composed by: Joseph LoDuca
Production Sound Mixer: Al Rizzo
Wardrobe: Nancy Smytka
Makeup Artist/Hairdresser: Sophia Contoguris
Special Effects Supervisor: Gary Jones
Stop Motion Animation: Dave Hettmer
Production Designer: Peter Gurski

Theodore Raimi (Hank)
Deborah Foreman (Nancy)
Bruce Campbell as Ray
George Aguilar (Comet)
Brian McCree (Presto)
Eddy Roumaya (Joker)
Michelle Stacey (billboard woman)
John Hardy (Mr Jackson)
Anna Aycox (mailwoman)
Carol Vernon (Mrs Rabinowitz)
Josefa Rigial (Mrs Rameriz)
Philip A. Gillis (desk clerk)
Reginald “Molsi Ski” Abrams (rapper #1)
Robert “M.C.” Lee Walker (rapper #2)
Wilbert Lawrence “Duncan” Hines (rapper #3)
Robert Grossman (drunk)
Von Washington (ticket seller)
John Cameron (Edgar Allen Poe)
Annette Sinclair (blonde)
Henrietta Hermelin (Hank's mom)
John Saunders (Uncle Al)
Shannon (street dog)

Alternative Titles

…gia desimo! – Greece (video)
Hibbantak: Egy szerelmi történet – Hungary
Loucos Muito Loucos – Brazil
Lunatics – Duell der Alpträume – Germany
Ruuvit löysällä – Finland
Svitati – Italy



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