Love from a Stranger (1937)

UK, 1937
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Rowland V. Lee.

Plot Summary

Following a substantial lottery win, Carol and her fiancé Ronald separate. She is soon involved with the romantic Gerald and agrees to marry him despite the misgivings of her friends. But it soon becomes clear that Gerald is deeply disturbed and Carol's life could be in grave danger.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Rowland V. Lee
Trafalgar Films presents. Trafalgar Film Productions Limited. Released through United Artists. A Max Schach production
Associate Producer: Harry E. Edington
Screenplay and Dialogue by: Frances Marion
From the Play by: Frank Vosper
Based on a Short Story [Philomel Cottage] by: Agatha Christie
Assistant Director: Roy Goddard
Photographed by: Philip Tannura
Editing: Howard O'Neill
Music Composed by: Benjamin Britten
Musical Director: Boyd Neel
Sound Director: A.W. Watkins
Recordist: John Cook
Dresses Designed by: S. Lange [real name: Samuel M. Lange]
Art Direction: Frederick Pusey
Studios: Denham Studios, UK *

Ann Harding (Carol Howard)
Basil Rathbone (Gerald Lovell)
Binnie Hale (Kate Meadows)
Bruce Seton (Ronald Bruce)
Jean Cadell (Aunt Lou)
Bryan Powley (Dr Gribble)
Joan Hickson (Emmy)
Donald Calthrop (Hobson)
Eugene Leahy (Mr Tuttle)

Alternative Titles

Mortal sugestión – Spain
A Night of Terror – USA
L'Ora del supplizio – Italy

Love from a Stranger (1947)



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