Love Camp 7 (1969)

USA, 1968
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American borderline horror film directed by R.L. Frost.

Plot Summary

Two young WAC officers infiltrate a Nazi “love camp” in search of a scientist who’s being held there. They are supposed to be freed by members of the French resistance, but something goes wrong and they end being tortured and humiliated like all the other prisoners.


Director: R.L. Frost
Olympic International
Producer: Bob Cresse
Associate Producer: Wesdon Bishop
Script: Wes Bishop, Bob Cresse
Story: R.W. Cresse
Director of Photography: R.L. Frost
Editor: R.L.F. Enterprises
Sound Mixer: Sam Kopetzky
Costumes: Hollywood Military Supplies
Special Effects: Harry Wolman

R.W. Cresse (Commandant)
Maria Lease
Kathy Williams
Bruce Kemp
John Alderman
Rodger Byeel
Rod Willmouth
Dave Friedman (General)
John Riazzi
Louis Mazzarella
Larry Martinelli
Natasha Steel
Patricia Roddy
Carolyn Appleby
Ken Sims
Shelly Martin
Robert Baker
Phil Poth (fire hose man)
Bruce Kimball
Larry Martinelli
Rodger Steel

Alternative Titles

Camp 7: lager femminile – Italy
Erikoisleiri no 7 – Finland
Nazi Love Camp 7 – Australia (video)



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