Love at First Bite (1979)

96m, 8647 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Stan Dragoti.

Plot Summary

falls in love with a model.


Director: Stan Dragoti
© 1979 Simon Productions 17 Inc
Simon Productions
Executive Producers: Robert Kaufman, George Hamilton
Producer: Joel Freeman
Associate Producer: Harol Vanarnum
Screenplay: Robert Kaufman
Original Story: Robert Kaufman, Mark Gindes
Director of Photography: Edward Rosson
Editors: Mort Fallick, Allan Jacobs
Production Designer: Serge Krizman
Costume Designers: Oscar De La Renta, Michael Chavez, Shannon Harrell, Gilda Texter
Make-up: William Tuttle
Music: Charles Bernstein
Sound Recording: Ron Cogswell

George Hamilton (Count Vladimir Dracula)
Susan Saint James (Cindy Sondheim)
Richard Benjamin (Dr Jeff Rosenberg)
Dick Shawn (Lt Ferguson)
Arte Johnson (Renfield)
Sherman Hemsley (Reverend Mike)
Isabel Sanford (judge)
Barry Gordon (flashlight vendor)
Ronnie Schell (gay in elevator)
Bob Basso (TV repairman)
Bryan O'Byrne (priest)
Michael Pataki (mobster (in lift))
Hazel Shermet (lady in elevator)
Basil Hoffman (desk clerk)
Stanley Brock (cab driver)
Danny Dayton (Billy)
Robert Ellenstein (VW man)
David Ketchum (customs inspector)
Lidia Kristen (female commissar)
Eric Laneuville (Russell)

Alternative Titles

Dracula Sucks Again



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