Lost Highway (1997)

USA, France, 1997
135m, 3800 metres
35mm, filmed in Panavision [anamorphic], colour, 2.35:1
Dolby Digital

An American/French fantasy film directed by David Lynch.

Plot Summary

Saxophonist Fred Madison receives a series of that culminate in one apparently showing him murdering his wife. After she's found dead, he's arrested, found guilty and sentenced to death. But while in prison, he transforms overnight into the younger Pete Dayton who is having problems with gang boss Dick Laurent.


Directed by: David Lynch
© MCMXCVI Lost Highway Productions, Inc.
A CiBy 2000/Asymmetrical production
Author: Lost Highway Productions, Inc.
Produced by: Deepak Nayar, Tom Sternberg, Mary Sweeney
Written by: David Lynch & Barry Gifford
Director of Photography: Peter Deming
Editor: Mary Sweeney
Music Composed and Conducted by: Angelo Badalamenti
Sound Mixer: Susumu Tokunow
Costume Designer: Patricia Norris
Make-Up Artist: Debbie Zoller
Hair Stylists: Patty Miller, Toni-Ann Walker
Special Effects Make-Up Coordinator: Michael Burnett
Special Effects Coordinator: Gary P. D'Amico
Production Designer: Patricia Norris

Bill Pullman (Fred Madison)
Patricia Arquette (Renee Madison/Alice Wakefield)
Balthazar Getty (Pete Dayton)
Robert Blake (Mystery Man)
Natasha Gregson Wagner (Sheila)
Richard Pryor (Arnie)
Lucy Butler (Candace Dayton)
Michael Massee (Andy)
Jack Nance (Phil)
Jack Kehler (Guard Johnny Mack)
Henry Rollins (Guard Henry)
Giovanni Ribisi (Steve ‘V')
Scott Coffey (Teddy)
Gary Busey (Bill Dayton)
Robert Loggia (Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent)

(rest of cast in order of appearance)
John Roselius (Al)
Lou Eppolito (Ed)
Jenna Maetlind (party girl)
Michael Shamus Wiles (Guard Mike)
Mink Stole (voice of jury forewoman)
Leonard Termo (voice of judge)
Ivory Ocean (Guard Ivory)
David Byrd ( Smordin)
Gene Ross (Warden Clements)
F. William Parker (Captain Luneau)
Guy Siner (prison official 1)
Alexander Folk (prison official 2)
Carl Sundstrom (Hank)
John Solari (Lou)
Jack (the dog)
Al Garrett (Carl)
Heather Stephens (Lanie)
Amanda Anka (girl 1)
Jennifer Syme (junkie girl)
Matt Sigloch (assistant 1)
Gil Combs (assistant 2)
Greg Travis (tail gate driver)
Lisa Boyle (Marian)
Leslie Bega (Raquel)
Marilyn Manson (porno star 1)
Twiggy Ramirez (porno star 2)

Alternative Titles

Carretera perdida – Spain
Estrada Perdida – Portugal
Izgubljena cesta – Slovenia
Strade perdute – Italy
Útvesztöben – Hungary



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