L’ossessione che uccide (1981)

Italy, France (“a French-Italian co-production”), 1981

An Italian/French horror film directed by Riccardo Freda using the pseudonym Robert Hampton.

Plot Summary

Michael is enjoying a career as a successful actor, but he has a skeleton in his closet – as a child, he murdered his father with a knife. Michael and his girlfriend Deborah visit his mother’s for the weekend where they meet the a young film director who is also visiting, and the superstitious housekeeper Oliver. Before long, terrible things are happening and Michael fears that his past might be catching up with him…


* = uncredited

Director: Robert Hampton [real name: Riccardo Freda]
Enzo Boetani, Giuseppe Collura & Simon Mizrahi present a Riccardo Freda film. Dionysio Cinematografica S.R.L. (Rome), Societé Nouvelle Cinevog (Paris)
Produced by: Giuseppe Collura, Enzo Boetani, Simon Mizrahi
Screenplay by: Antonio Cesare Corti, Fabio Piccioni, Riccardo Freda
Story by: Antonio Cesare Corti, Fabio Piccioni
Adaptation Dialogue: Simon Mizrah
Assistant Directors: Antonio Cesare Corti, Bernard Cohn
Script Girl: Maria Luce Faccenna
Director of Photography: Cristiano Pogany
Cameramen: Roberto Lombardi Dallamano, Guglielmo Vincioni
Assistant Cameraman: Stefano Guidi
Chief Electrician: Alberico Novelli
Chief Grip: Gianni Savini
Still Photographer: Debora Beer
Editor: Riccardo Freda *
Assistant Editor: Anne Barrault
Colour by: Telecolor
Musical Score by: Franco Mannino
The music of Bach, Liszt and Mannino played by Franco Mannino on a Petrof piano
Sound Man: Davide Magara
English Language Edition by: A.B. Services, Edizioni Cinematografiche e Televisive
Recorded at: Cooperativa Di Lavoro Fono Roma
Costumes: Giorgio Desideri
Assistant Costume Designer: Alberto Tosto
Makeup: Lamberto Marini, Sergio Angeloni
Hairstyles: Agnese Panarotto
Sets: Giorgio Desideri
Production Assistants: Antonio Boetani, Salvatore Carrara

Stefano Patrizi (Michael Stanford/William Stanford)
Martine Brochard (Shirley Dawson)
Henri Garcin (Hans Schwartz)
Laura Gemser (Betty [Beryl Fisher in English language version])
John Richardson (Oliver)
Anita Strindberg (Glenda Stanford)
Silvia Dionisio (Deborah Jordan)
Fabrizio Moroni [young Michael Stanford – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Himomurhaaja – Finnish video title
Murder Obsession
Satans Altar
The Wailing – English language title

Extracts included in
Zombiethon (1986)


Samhain no.33 (July/August 1992 pp.8-9 – review (Police 55 by Martyn Carre)