L’orribile segreto del dottor Hichcock (1962)

76m (USA), 88m (Italy)
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1, Panoramica

An Italian horror film directed by Riccardo Freda using the pseudonym Robert Hampton.

Plot Summary

In 1885, the necrophiliac Dr Hichcock indulges in macabre and sinister sex games with his compliant wife, who he drugs to simulate death. She is accidentally killed by an overdose and years later, Hichcock has remarried – but his new bride is destined to be the agent by which Hichcock plans to restore his beloved wife to life.


Director: Robert Hampton [real name: Riccardo Freda]
Panda Film
Producers: Louis Mann [real name: Luigi Carpentieri], Ermanno Donati
Script: Julian Perry [real name: Ernesto Gastaldi]
Director of Photography: Raffaele Masciocchi
Editor: Ornella Micheli
Music: Roman Vlad
Costume Designer: Inoa Starly
Production Designer: Frank Smokecocks [real name: Franco Fumagalli]

Robert Flemyng (Professor Bernard Hichcock)
Barbara Steele (Cynthia Hichcock)
Harriet Medin (Martha)
Silvano Tranquilli [real name: Montgomery Glenn] (Dr Kurt Lowe)
Teresa Fitzgerald [real name: Maria Teresa Vianello] (Margherita Hichcock)
Al Christianson
Nat Harley
Neil Robinson, Spencer Williams (hospital assistant)
Howard Nelson Rubien (laboratory specialist)
Evar Simpson

Alternative Titles

L'Effroyable secret du Dr Hichcock – France
The Frightening Secret of Dr Hichcock – English language title
The Horrible Dr Hichcock – USA
The Horrible Secret of Dr Hichcock
The Secret of Dr Hichcock
The Terrible Secret of Dr Hichcock
The Terror of Dr Hichcock
– UK

Lo spettro (1963)



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