Looker (1981)

35mm film, Technicolor, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Michael Crichton.

Plot Summary

The company Digital Matrix has perfected the art of the television commercial by using who have been surgically altered combined with computer animation. But the models are starting to turn up dead and their plastic surgeon is the prime suspect. He investigates and finds that Digital Matrix has also found a way to use subliminal messages in their ads to make people buy the products being advertised.


Director: Michael Crichton
© 1981 The Ladd Company
Warner Bros. presents
Producer: Howard Jeffrey
Associate Producer: John Lugar
Screenplay: Michael Crichton
Scriptwiter for “Looker” commercials: Robert Chandler
Director of Photography: Paul Lohmann
3-D Photography: Michael Lawler
Editor: Carl Kress
Music: Barry Devorzon
Sound Recording: Charles Wilborn
Costume Designer: Betsy Cox
Make-up Artist: Ken Chase
Special Effects: Joe Day
Computer Animation: Information International
Production Designer: Dean Edward Mitzner

Albert Finney (Dr Larry Roberts)
James Coburn (John Reston)
Susan Dey (Cindy Phair)
Leigh Taylor-Young (Jennifer Long)
Dorian Harewood (Lieutenant Masters)
Tim Rossovich (moustache man)
Darryl Hickman (Dr Jim Belfield)
Kathryn Witt (Tina Cassidy)
Terri Welles (Lisa Convy)
Michael Gainsborough (Senator Harrison)
Ashley Cox (Candy)
Donna Benz (Ellen)
Catherine Parks (Jan)
Terry Kiser (commercial director)
Georgann Johnson (Cindy's mother)
Richard Venture (Cindy's father)
Anthony Charnota (Masters' assistant)
Terrence McNally (technician, scanning room)
David Adams (DMI guard)
John Sanderford, Scott Mulhern (DMI policeman)

Alternative Titles

As Belas São Assassinadas – Portuguese title
Dødelig skjønnhet – Norwegian title
O Domínio do Olhar – Brazilian title
Kein Mord von der Stange – West German title
Khosh-sima – Iranian title
Lepotica – Serbian title
Looker-murhat – Finnish title
L'ordinateur meurtrier – French Canadian title
Ojos asesinos – Spanish title
Szupermodell – Hungarian title
Troppo belle per vivere – Italian title
Las víctimas – Mexican title
Vidéo crime – French title
Wzór pieknosci – Polish title
Сотворивший красоток – Russian title

Extracts included in
Room 237 (2012)

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