Look and Read: The Boy from Space (1971)

UK, 21 September 1971-30 November 1971
1 series, 10 episodes
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Look and Read (1967-2004)

A British science fiction television series

Plot Summary

Two young children encounter an alien child, who they name Peep-Peep, stranded on Earth. But another, more sinister alien is on Peep-Peep’s trail and poses a danger to the children and all those around them.


Film Director: Maddalena Fagandini
Series Producer: Claire Chovil
Script: Richard Carpenter
Music: Paddy Kingsland

Sylvestra Le Touzel (Helen)
Loftus Burton (Tom)
Stephen Garlick (Dan)
Colin Mayes (Peep-Peep)
John Woodnutt (the thin space man)
Anthony Woodruff (Mr Bunting)
Gabriel Woolf (Peep-Peep’s father)
Michael Guest


The Meteorite (21 September 1971)
The Spinning Compass (28 September 1971)
The Man in the Sand-pit (5 October 1971)
In Danger! (12 October 1971)
The Hold-up (19 October 1971)
Where is Tom? (2 November 1971)
The Hunt for the Car (9 November 1971)
The Lake (16 November 1971)
Captured! (23 November 1971)
In the Spaceship (30 November 1971)

Look and Read: The Boy from Space