Lo strangolatore di Vienna (1971)

Italy, West Germany, 1971
81m (USA), 83m, 84m (UK), 2390 metres
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An Italian/West German horror film directed by Guido Zurli, credited as John Zurli on English language prints.

Plot Summary

Otto Lehman is released from psychiatric hospital and begins trading again as a butcher. When he accidentally kills his wife during an argument, he grinds up her body and sells it as sausages. Things spiral out of control as friends and relatives begin to ask awkward questions and they too end up in the grinder.


* = uncredited

Directed by: John Zurli [real name: Guido Zurli]
G. Robert Straub presents. Neptunia Film, HIFI Stereo 70 Kg, Regina Films
Executive Producer: Gene Corso
Produced by: Robert H. Oliver and Dag Molin
Screenplay by: Robert H. Oliver and Dag Molin
From a story by: Karl Ross
Camera Operator: Hank Betz [real name: Enrico Betti]
Supervising Film Editor: Graham Lee Mahin
Music Composed by: Alex Alexander [real name: Alessandro Alessandroni]
Sound Mixer: Ted Case
Costume Designer: Gloria Cardi
Make-up: Diana Green Rose
Hair Stylist: Lilli Bridges
Special Effects: Ron Post
Art Director: Frank Di Stefano [real name: Francesco Di Stefano]
Locations: Vienna, Austria
Studio: Cinecittà Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Victor Buono (Otto Lehman)
Brad Harris (Mike Lawrence)
Franca Polcelli (Hanna Lehman)
Karen Field (Berta)
Carl Stearns
Sybil Martin
Michael Turner
Arthur Mann
Dick Randall [police officer] *
Tina Buronzo *
Hansi Linder *
Dario Michaelis *
Dino Peretti *
Giacomo Pergola *
Luca Sportelli *
Claudio Trionfi *

Alternative Titles

L’Étrangleur de Vienne – France
The Mad Butcher of Vienna
The Mad Butcher
Meat Is Meat
The Strangler of Vienna
The Vienna Strangler
Der Würger kommt auf leisen Socken – West Germany

Extracts included in
Extra Weird (2003)



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