Little Nemo (1911)

USA, 1911
3m, 198 metres
35mm film, hand-coloured black and white, 1.33:1

An American fantasy film with animated sequences directed by Winsor McCay and J. Stuart Blackton.

Plot Summary

Figures in a comic strip come to life.


Animation Director: Winsor McCay
Live Action Director: J. Stuart Blackton
Vitagraph Company of America
Producer: Winsor McCay
Script/Comic Strip [ in Slumberland]: Winsor McCay
Animator: Winsor McCay
Live Action Director of Photography: Walter Arthur

John Bunny
Winsor McCay
George McManus

Alternative Titles

Le dernier cri des dessins animés – France
Winsor McCay
Winsor McCay and His Animated Comics – UK
Winsor McCay Explains His Moving Cartoons to John Bunny
Winsor McCay Makes His Cartoons Move

See also
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)
Little Nemo: The Dream Master (1990)



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