Little Dracula (1991-1999)

USA, -1999
2 series, 13 episodes, average 30m

An American animated horror television series.


Regular Crew
Steven Hahn Productions, Bandai America, Inc in association with Sachs Family Entertainment
Executive Producer: Steven Hahn

Regular Voices
Joey Camen (Werebunny)
Brian Cummings (Garlic Man)
Joe Flaherty (Big )
Edan Gross (Little Dracula)
Melvyn Hayes (Deadwood)
Danny Mann (No Eyes/Twin-Beaks)
Neil Ross (Maggot)
Fran Ryan (Hannah the Barbarian)
Kath Soucie (Mrs Dracula/Millicent)
Jonathan Winters (Igor/Granny)


Series One
The Curse of the Ghastly Minimum Wage (3 September 1991)
Little D's First Bite (4 September 1991)
Little D's Surprise (5 September 1991)
Bite Before Christmas (6 September 1991)
Little D Goes Hawaiian (7 September 1991)
Little D's Halloween (31 October 1991)

Series Two
Deadwood's Complaint (October 1999)
Easy Biters (October 1999)
Bat Boys (October 1999)
The Chamber of Unspeakable Terror (1999)
The Bite at the Ghoul School Corral (1999)
Midnight Madness (1999)
Deadly Screentest (1999)



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