Link (1986)

35mm film, Technicolor
English, Dolby Stereo

An American/British horror film directed by Richard Franklin.

Plot Summary

Student Jane begins a new job as a research assistant with Dr Steven Philip, who is conducting experiments with at his remote country home. But when Philips vanishes, Jane is left at the mercy of intruders, three dangerous chimps – and she only has ape butler Link to help her.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Richard Franklin
© MCMLXXXVI [1986] Cannon Films, Inc. and Cannon International B.V.
The Cannon Group, Inc presents a Richard Franklin film. Made by Link Films Ltd. in association with Cannon Screen Entertainment Limited
Executive Producer: Verity Lambert
Produced by: Richard Franklin
Co-Producer: Rick McCallum
Associate Producer: Selwyn Roberts
Written by: Everett De Roche
Based upon the story by Lee Zlotoff and Tom Ackerman
Director of Photography: Mike Molloy
Edited by: Andrew London
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound Mixer: David Stephenson
Costume Designer: Catherine Cook
Make-up: Pat Hay
Hairdresser: Meinir Brock
Special Make-up: Yvonne Coppard
Special Effects Supervisor: John Gant
Animatronics Designer: David White
Production Designer: Norman Garwood

Elisabeth Shue (Jane Chase)
Terence Stamp (Dr Steve Phillip)
Steven Pinner (David)
Richard Garnett (Dennis)
David O'Hara (Tom)
Kevin Lloyd (Bailey)
Joe Belcher (taxi driver)
Geoffrey Beevers [Mr Miller] *
Caroline John [Mrs Miller] *
Daisy Beevers [Becky] *

Alternative Titles

Link, der Butler – West Germany



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