Lifespan (1974)

USA, UK, Netherlands,
77m (UK), 85m (USA)
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American/British/Dutch science fiction film directed by Sandy Whitelaw using the pseudonynm Alexander Whitelaw.

Plot Summary

Scientist Dr Ben Land continues the work of dead colleague, investigating a process that will halting the ageing process.


Directed: Alexander Whitelaw [real name: Sandy Whitelaw]
© MCMLXXIV [1974] Whitepal Productions
Production Company: A Whitepal production
Produced by: Alexander Whitelaw [real name: Sandy Whitelaw]
Screenplay: Alexander Whitelaw [real name: Sandy Whitelaw], Judith Rascoe, Alva Ruben
Story by: A. Whitelaw [real name: Sandy Whitelaw]
Photography: Eddy vam der Enden [real name: Eduard van der Enden]
Edited by: Gust Verschueren [real name: August Verschueren], Jan Dop, Hetty Konink
Music: Terry Riley
Sound Recordist: Jaques Eippers
Wardrobe: Carla Pluin
Make Up: Ulli Ulrich
Art Director: Dick Schillemans [real name: Benedict Schillemans]

Hiram Keller (Dr Ben Land)
Tina Aumont (Anna)
Klaus Kinski (Nicholas Ulrich)
Fons Rademakers (Professor van Arp)
Eric Schneider (Dr Linden)
Franz Mulder (Pim Henke)
André van den Heuvel (Felix Dolda)
Lyda Polak (Lydia)
Joan Remmelts (family doctor)
Onno Molenkamp (director of old age home)
Dick Scheffer (official from ministry of science)
Albert Van Doorn (Emile van der Lutte)
Sacco van der Made (animal feeder)
Adrian Brine (Dr Winston)
Helen van Meurs (psychiatrist)
Paul Melton (journalist)
Rudolf Lucieer (journalist)
Rudi Falkenhagen (police inspector)

Alternative Titles

Il patto con il diavolo – Italy



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