Lèvres de sang (1975)

France, 1975
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Jean Rollin.

Plot Summary

When he sees a photograph of a ruined castle by the sea, Frédéric begis to recall a repressed childhood memory. He goes looking for the castle only to find it inhabited by vampires.


Directed by: Jean Rollin
© [not given on screen]
An Off Production, Scorpion V, Nordia Films co-production
Executive Producers:
Produced by:
Original Screenplay: Jean Rollin
Adaptation: Jean Rollin, Jean-Loup Philippe
Dialogue: Jean-Loup Philippe
Director of Photography: Jean-François Robin
Editor: Olivier Grégoire
Original Music Composed and Directed by: Didier William Lepauw
Sound Engineer: Gérard Tilly
Make-up: Éric Pierre
Art Director: Alain Pitrel

Jean-Loup Philippe (Frédéric)
Annie Brilland [real name: Annie Belle.[/mfn] (Jennifer)
Natalie Perrey (Frédéric’s mother)
Martine Grimaud
Catherine and Marie-Pierre Castel (vampires)
Hélène Maguin
Anita Berglund
Claudine Beccarie (Claudine)
Béatrice Barnois
Sylvia Bourdon
Mireille Dargent
Paul Bisciglia (psychiatrist)
Willy Braque
Julien Etchevery
Serge Rollin (Frédéric as a child)

Alternative Titles

Aima sta heili ton parthenon – Greece
Heili pou estazan aima – Greece (DVD)
Lips of Blood – Finland
Lips of Blood – USA
Matomena heili – Greece
Suce-moi vampire – France
Suck Me, Vampire – USA



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