Leviathan (1989)

Italy, USA,
35mm film, “color by Technicolor”, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo Spectral Recording, English

An Italian/American horror film directed by George P. Cosmatos.

Plot Summary

A group of deep-sea miners encounters the failed result of in the depths of the ocean.


Directed by: George P. Cosmatos
© MCMLXXXIX [1989] Filmauro, S.r.l.
Luigi & Aurelio De Laurentiis present a Gordon Company production. A film by George P. Cosmatos. From Filmauro
Executive Producers: Lawrence Gordon, Charles Gordon
Produced by: Luigi and Aurelio De Laurentiis
Screenplay by: David Peoples, Jeb Stuart
Story by: David Peoples
Director of Photography: Alex Thomson
Edited by: Roberto Silvi, John F. Burnett
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound Mixer: Robin Gregory
Costume Designer: April Ferry
Key Makeup Artist: Zoltan Elek
Key Hair Stylist: Aldo Signoretti
Creature Effects Produced by: Stan Winston
Mechanical Effects Supervisor: Nick Allder
Visual Effects Supervisor: Barry Nolan
Visual Effects and Computer Graphics: Perpetual Motion Pictures
Additional Visual Effects: Industrial Light & Magic; Cinema Research Corporation
Production Designer: Ron Cobb
Casting by: Mike Fenton, Jane Feinberg, Lynda Gordon
Filmed on location at Cinecitta' Film Studios, Rome, Mediterranean Film Studios, Malta and the Gulf of Mexico

Peter Weller (Beck)
Richard Crenna (Doc)
Amanda Pays (Willie)
Daniel Stern (Sixpack)
Ernie Hudson (Jones)
Michael Carmine (DeJesus)
Meg Foster (Martin)
Lisa Eilbacher (Bowman)
Hector Elizondo (Cobb)
Eugene Lipinsky (Russian ship captain)
Larry Dolgin (helicopter pilot)
Pascal Druant, Steve Pelot (winch operators)

Alternative Titles

Havets hämnare – Swedish video title
Kuoleman laiva – Finnish video title
Leviatan – Romanian title
Leviathan – dödens fartyg – Swedish Finnish title
Leviathan – Dødens skip – Norwegian title
Leviathan – fanget i dybet – Danish title
Leviathan – havetes hämnare – Swedish title
Leviathan, terror en la profundidad – Mexican title
Leviathan: El demonio del abismo – Spanish title
Levijatan – Serbian title
Lewiatan – Polish title
O Mistério dos Oceanos – Portuguese title
Vurgun – Turkish title
Λεβιάθαν – Greek title
Левиатан – Bulgarian title
Левиафан – Russian title

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