Let’s Get Laid (1977)

UK, 1977
92m, 96m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British sex comedy with some fantasy scenes directed by James Kenelm Clarke.

Plot Summary

Uptight Gordon Laid returns home from the Second World War and finds himself embroiled with the hunt by enemy agents for a device hidden in a cigarette lighter that causes electricity to switch on and off from a distance. His efforts to help the authorities recapture the device are hindered when he falls in love with Maxine Lupercal, leading him to have lustful fantasies about her at inopportune moments.


Directed by: James Kenelm Clarke
© Debward Limited MCMLXXVII [1977]
A Target International presentation, A Norfolk International picture
Executive Producer: Paul Raymond [uncredited]
Produced by: Brian Smedley-Aston
Screenplay by: Michael Robson
Based on the Play The Bed by: Sam Cree [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Phil Meheux
Film Editor: Jim Connock
Music Composed and Arranged by: James Kenelm Clarke
Sound: Mickey Hickey, Ted Ryan
Wardrobe Supervisor: Joanne Stewart
Make Up: Bunty Phillips
Hairdresser: Anne McFadyen
Art Director: Ken Bridgeman
Casting: Miriam Brickman
Made Locations: , England, UK; The Channel Islands, England, UK

Fiona Richmond (Maxine Lupercal)
Robin Askwith (Gordon Laid)
Anthony Steel (Moncrieff Dovecroft)
Linda Hayden (Gloria)
Graham Stark (Inspector Nugent)
Roland Curram (Rupert Dorchester)
Tony Haygarth (Sgt Costello)
Patrick Holt (the commissioner)
Fanny Carby (lady in phone booth)
Murray Salem, Ted Burnett (heavies)
Shaun Curry (Greenleaf)
Charles Pemberton (PC Baxter)
Richard Manuel (Fenton Umfreville)
Peter Cartwright (film director)
David Sterne (Sgt Millicent)
James Marcus (Rusper)
Anna Chen (Oriental girl)
Lisa Taylor (Eleanor)
Jayne Lester (young tart)
Donna Scarff (A.T.S. girl)

Alternative Titles

Love Trap
Sinua halutaan Laid!
– Finnish title


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