Les yeux sans visage (1959)

France, Italy (“French-Italian co-production”), 1959
88m, 2,408 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, French

A French/Italian horror film directed by Georges Franju.

Plot Summary

Surgeon Dr Génessier and his assistant Louise kidnap young women and remove their faces which Génessier then attempts to graft onto his daughter Christiane whose own face has been ruined in a car accident that he caused.


A film by Georges Franju
[© not given on screen]
Lux Compagnie Cinématographique de France presents a Jules Borkon production. A Champs-Élysées Productions, Lux-Film – Rome co-production
Adaptation by: Boileau [real name: Pierre Boileau]-Narcejac [real name: Thomas Narcejac], Jean Redon, Claude Sautet
Dialogue by: Pierre Gascar
Based on the Novel by: Jean Redon
Director of Photography: Eugen Shuftan
Supervising Editor: Gilbert Natot
Music: Maurice Jarre
Sound Engineer: Antoine Archimbaud
Gowns by: Marie-Martine
Key Make-up: Georges Klein
Hairdresser: Marcelle Testard
Special Effects: Henri Assola, Lax
Art Director: Auguste Capelier
Made at: Studios de Boulogne

Pierre Brasseur (Doctor Génessier)
Alida Valli (Louise)
Juliette Mayniel (Edna)
Alexandre Rignault (Inspector Parot)
Béatrice Altariba (Paulette)
Blavette [real name: Charles Blavette] (man at the dog pound)
Claude Brasseur (inspector)
Michel Etcheverry (forensic surgeon)
Yvette Etiévant (the mother)
René Génin (Emile Tessot)
Lucien Hubert, Marcel Pérès (men in the cemetery)
François Guérin (Jacques Vernon)
Edith Scob (Christiane Génessier)

Alternative Titles

Augen ohne Gesicht – West German title
De Bestialiska – Swedish title
Eyes Without a Face – UK title
The Horror Chamber of Dr Faustus – US title
House of Dr. Rasanoff
Het Masker met de levende ogen
– French Belgian title
Occhi senza volto – Italian title
Las ojos sin cara – Mexican title
Ojos sin rostro – Spanish title
Los ojos sin rostro – Argentine title
Das Schreckenshaus des Dr Rasanoff – Austrian/West German title
Silmät ilman kasvoja – Finnish title


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