Les Raisins de la mort (1978)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Jean Rollin.

Plot Summary

A young woman travelling by train to meet her boyfriend in France's wine-growing region finds herself stranded in a village full of . The locals have been transformed by a new sprayed on the local and are now mindless killers, slaughtering anyone that crosses their path.


* = uncredited

Directed by [“Un film de”]: Jean Rollin
© by Rush Production 1978
Visa de Contrôle Cinématographique no.48 419
Claude Guedj presents. A Rush Production, Films ABC, Off Production co-production
Producer: Claude Guedj
Script: Jean Rollin, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Adaptation and Dialogue: Jean Rollin, Christian Meunier
Director of Photography: Claude Becognée
Editors: Christian Stoianovich, Dominique Saintcyr
Original Music by: Philippe Sissmann
Sound Mixer: Claude Panier
Make-up and Special Effects: Alfredo Tiberi, Raphael Marongiu, Yannick Josse

Marie George Pascal (Elisabeth)
Félix Marten as Paul
Serge Marquand as Lucien
Mirella Rancelot
Patrice Valota
Patricia Cartier
Michel Herval
Paul Bisciglia
Brigitte Lahaye
Olivier Rollin
Françoise Pascal
Evelyne Thomas
Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Jean Rollin *

Alternative Titles

Foltermühle der Gefangenen Frauen – Germany
The of Death
Pestizide – Stadt der Zombies – Germany
Zombis-geschändete Frauen – Germany (video)



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