Les prédateurs de la nuit (1988)

France, Spain,
90m (Spain), 98m
35mm film, Fujicolor

A French/Spanish horror film directed by Jesus Franco.

Plot Summary

Parisian plastic surgeon Dr Frank Flamand is the best in his field, but even he is unable to help his sister who is so badly disfigured that she needs a complete skin graft. Elsewhere, three women's bodies have turned up minus their heads and a billionaire's daughter has vanished. Could all of these things be related? Private detective Sam Morgan is hired to find out.


Director: Jess Franco [real name: Jesus Franco]
© René Chateau Productions MCMLXXXVIII [1988]
Visa d'exploitation no.66 828
René Chateau presents
ATC 3000/Films de la Rochelle/Ibero Films Internacional S.A./Rene Chateau Productions
A René Chateau production
Script: Fred Castle [real name: René Chateau]
Adaptation: Pierre Ripert, Fred Castle [real name: René Chateau], Jean Mazarin, Michel Lebrun
Director of Photography: Maurice Fellous
Chief Editor: Christine Pansu
Music: Romano Musumarra
Sound Engineer: Jean-Louis Ducarme
Costumer: Daniele Bersiaud
Head Make Up: Eric Pierre
Hair: Martial Corneville
Special Effects: Jacques Gastineau
Art Director: Yann Arlaud

Helmut Berger (Dr Flamand)
Brigitte Lahaie (Nathalie)
Chris Mitchum (Morgan)
Telly Savalas (Terry Hallen)
Stéphane Audran (Mme Sherman)
Christiane Jean (Ingrid Flamand)
Anton Diffring (Dr Moser)
Caroline Munro (Barbara Hallen)
Howard Vernon (Dr Orloff)
Tilda Thamar (Mme Francois)
Florence Guérin (Florence Guérin)
Gérard Zalcberg (Gordon)
Henri Poirier (Inspector Legros)
Laure Sabardin (the receptionist)
Amelie Chevalier (Melissa)
Marcel Philippot (Maxence)
Tony Awak (Doudou)
Mony Dalmès (the baroness)
Doris Thomas (the singer)
Daniel Beretta (the man from Boise de Boulogne)

Alternative Titles

Los depredadores de la noche – Spain
Faceless – English language title
I predatori della notte – Italy (advertising)
I violentatori della notte – Italy (video)

See also
Corruption (1967)
Gritos en la noche (1962)
Les yeux sans visage (1959)



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