Les Liens du sang (1978)

Canada, France, 1977
90m (UK), 91m (Germany), 100m
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, French

A Canadian/French borderline horror film directed by Claude Chabrol.

Plot Summary

In Montreal, blood-soaked teenager Patricia turns up at a police station claiming that she and her cousin have been attacked and sexually assaulted by a mysterious stranger who murdered her cousin. But as police start investigating their usual suspects, Patricia suddenly changes her story – she now claims that she knows the killer, that it's her brother Andrew. Inspector Carella doesn't believe either of her claims and struggles to find the truth before the killer can strike again.


Director: Claude Chabrol
Cinevideo-Filmel, Classic Film Industries
Executive Producers: Michael Klinger, Julian Melzack
Producers: Denis Héroux, Eugéne Lépicier
Associate Producer: Claude Léger
Script: Sydney Banks, Claude Chabrol
Novel: Ed McBain [real name: Evan Hunter]
Director of Photography: Jean Rabier
Editor: Yves Langlois
Music: Howard Blake
Sound Recordist: Patrick Rousseau
Make-up: Michèle Dion
Production Designer: Anne Pritchard

Donald Sutherland (Carella)
Aude Landry (Patricia)
Lisa Langlois (Muriel)
Laurent Malet (Andrew)
Stéphane Audran (Mrs Lowery)
Walter Massey (Mr Lowery)
Micheline Lanctôt (Mrs Carella)
Donald Pleasence (James Doniac)
David Hemmings (Armstrong)
Ian Ireland (Klinger)
Guy Hoffman (priest)
Marguerite Lemir (Helene Beck)
Gregory Giannis (Sully)
Jan Chamberlain (grandmother)
Tim Henry (Captain Marriott)
Victor Knight (medical examiner)
Jérôme Tiberghien (Moran)
Kevin Fenlon (smoker)
Nina Balogh (Carella's daughter)
Terrence Labrosse (attorney)

Alternative Titles

Blood Relatives
Blutsverwandte – West Germany
Kauhun kuja – Finland
Laberinto mortal – Spain
Rosso nel buio – Italy



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