Les 1001 nuits (1990)

France, Italy,
35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, French

A French/Italian fantasy film directed by Philippe de Broca.

Plot Summary

Scheherazade gets the better of a Middle Eastern king who keeps trying to get her into bed. She and her astrologer are transported by a genie to present-day London, the genie continuing to visit her via a time portal in a television set.


A Film by: Philippe de Broca
© Cinemax, Télémax, Antenne 2 TV France, Films A2, R.A.I. A2, Telepool, Club Investissement Media 1990
Andre Djaoui presents a Cinemax, Telemax, Antenne 2 TV France, Films A2, R.A.I. 2, Telepool, Club Investissement Media co-production with the participation of Programme Media 92 de la Communautés Européennes. With the participation of Comite Interministeriel our le Developpement de l'Image de Synthese et du CNC, Cofimage 2, Coficine France, Credit Lyonnais Rotterdam, The Completion Bond Company
Executive Producers: Claudio Mancinbi, Sarim Fassi Fihri
Produced by: Andre Djaoui
Line Producer: Maurice Illouz
Associate Producer: Ritza Brown
Original Scenario: Philippe de Broca, Jérôme Tonnerre
Adaptation and Dialogue: Philippe de Broca
Director of Photography: Jean Tournier
Editor: Henri Lanoë
Music: Gabriel Yared
Sound Recordists: Gerard Barra, Pierre Davoust, Mbarek Bourbouh
Costume Designer: Jacques Fonteray
Make-up: Paul Le Marinel, Annick Legout, Leila Benbrahim
Hair Stylists: Jean-Pierre Berroyer, Fabienne Bressan
Special Effects Director: Christian Guillon
Art Director: François de Lamothe
Casting: Shula Siegfried, Teresa Topolski

Thierry Lhermitte (the king)
Gerard Jugnot (Jimmy Genious)
Stephane Freiss (Aladin)
Vittorio Gassman (Sindbad)
Catherine Zeta Jones (Shérérazde)
Roger Carel (Grand Vizir)
Georges Montillier (Haroum)
Alfredo Pea (Agib)
Sabine Haudepin (voice of Shérérazde)
Eric Metayer (Abdullah)
Joy Graham (Mme Wilson)
Maurice Lane (M. Wilson)
Tim Holm (chief inspector)
Raymond Aquilon (chief eunuch)
Florence Pelly (Grand Vizier's daughter)
Farida Khelfa (the queen)
Fayçal Smaili (Aziz)
Omar Zerrei (Azaz)
Omar Chenbout (the grand imam)
Tahar al Asbahani (lord chamberlain)

Alternative Titles

1000 kai mia nyhtes – Greek video title
1001 Nights – English language title
Les 1001 nuits – French title
1001 noć – Croatian title
1001 noć – Serbian title
Basnie tysiaca i jednej nocy – Polish title
Las mil y una noches – Venezuelan title
Le mille e una notte – Italian title
Les mille et une nuits – French title
Scheherazade – UK television title
Šeherezáda a gentleman – Czech title
Šeherezáda – Czech television, Romanian title
Seherezádé – Hungarian title
Sheherazade – Mit 1001 PS ins Abenteuer – West German title
Sheherazade – alternative US title
Sherazade – Brazilian title
Тысяча и одна ночь – Russian title
Хиляда и една нощи – Bulgarian title

Extracts included in
Celebrity Naked Ambition (2003)


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