Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural (1973)

USA, 1973
80m, 85m
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An American horror film directed by Richard Blackburn. A 113 minute version has long been rumoured to exist though it has yet to surface and there is no hard evidence that it really existed. Most versions run either 80 or 85 minutes. The confusion may have arisen due to the Moore Video VHS release in the USA which included a documentary about the film. The combined running time seems to have been printed on the sleeve giving rise to the believe that a longer cut exists.

Plot Summary

Teenager Lila Lee sets off after her gangster father when he goes on the run after killing his wife and her lover. After being menaced by sexually predatory men, The trail leads Lila to the remote town of Asteroth where zombie-like ghouls lurk in the woods and the sexually ambiguous vampire Lemora is waiting for her.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Richard Blackburn
MCMLXXIII by Blackfern Productions, Inc.
A Blackfern production
Executive Producer: C.V. Blackburn
Produced by: Robert Fern
Production Manager: F.A. Miller
Screenplay by: Richard Blackburn and Robert Fern
Assistant Director: Art Names
Script/Continuity: Joan Tucker
Director of Photography: Robert Caramico
Additional Camera: Jean-Pierre Geuens
Camera Assistants: Robert Isenberg, Tim Wawrzeniak
Supervising Electrician: Allan York
Electrician: Karl Tunberg
Key Grip: Hank Gratton
Editor: Pieter S. Hubbard
Post Production Services by: Nieman-Tillar Associates
Music Composed and Conducted by: Dan Neufeld
Sound Re-recording: Glen Glenn Sound
Costumes Designed by: Rosanna Norton
Costumer: Jodie Tillen
Hairstylist: Sharon Cassidy
Special Make-up and Visual Effects Created by: Byrd Holland
Assistant Make-up: Hy Pyke, Douglas White
Titles, Opticals & Processing: Consolidated Film Industries
Art Director: Sterling Franck
Set Decoration: Ellen Prince
Set Construction: Richard Osmun
Locations: Pomona, California, USA *
Locations by: F&B Cecomobile
Special Thanks to: The Historical Society of Pomona, California for the use of the Louis Phillips Mansion

Lesley Gilb (Lemora)
Cheryl Smith (Lila Lee)
William Whitton (Alvin Lee)
Hy Pyke (the bus driver)
Maxine Ballantyne (the old woman)
Steve Johnson (the ticket seller)
Parker West (the young man)
Charla Hall
Jack Fisher
Buck Buchanan
Richard Blackburn as the reverend

Alternative Titles

Lady Dracula
Legendary Curse of Lemora
Lemora – Finland
Lemora la metamorfosi di Satana – Italy
Lemora, The Lady Dracula – US television title



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