Legend of the Witches (1970)

UK, 1970
85m, 7661 feet
35mm film, colour

A British documentary of genre interest directed by Malcolm Leigh.


A history of witchcraft in Britain.


Directed by: Malcolm Leigh
© [not given on screen]
Border Film Productions (London) Ltd. present
Produced by: Negus-Fancey
Written by: Malcolm Leigh
Assistant Director: M. Fancey [real name: Malcolm Fancey]
Assistants to Director: Marcus Adams, Christine Leigh
Lighting Cameraman: Robert Webb
Assistant Cameramen: George Forgan, Peter Willetts, Peter Birk, Keith Taylor, Roy Watford
Lighting Supplied by: Mole Richardson Ltd., G.B.S. Film Lighting Ltd., Rainbow Lighting Ltd.
Edited by: Judith Smith
Assistant Editor: Kathleen Lomas
Processed by: Rank Laboratories Ltd.
Sound Recordist: Peter O'Connor
Re-recording by: Anvil Films Ltd.

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Daily Mail 6 March 1970
[A] documentary liberally leavened with sex. – from a review by Cecil Wilson



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