Legacy of Satan (1974)

USA, 1972
35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror film directed by Gerard Damiano.

Plot Summary

A young woman is targeted by a Satanic cult who want her for their new queen. The film was shot in 1972 (it received an ‘R' rating in late January 1973) but wasn't released until .


Directed by: Gerard Damiano
© 1974 Bryanston Distributions, Inc.
Produced by: Lou Parish [real name: Lou Peraino]
Written by: Gerard Damiano
Director of Photography: Joao Fernandes
Edited by: Gerard Damiano
Original Music Created by: Arlon Ober, Mel Zelniker
Costumes: Linda Colman, Marlene Frank
Special Effects: Tom Brumberger
Crew: Norman Burns, Ron Wertheim, Don Walters, Arthur Marks, Graham Place

Lisa Christian (Maya)
John Francis (Dr Muldavo)
Paul Barry (George)
Christ Helm (the girl)
Deborah Horlen (high priestess)
Ann Paul (Aurelia)
James Procter (Arthur)
Jarrar Ramze (Carlos)
Richard Bexfield, Sandra Peabody, Pat Coba, Stan Hollan, Carol Jurgens, Melinda Parks, Darryl Peck, Kelly Piper, Beryl Jo Title, Elle Wylek [cult extras]

Alternative Titles

Muldavo – alternative title
I prosklisi tou Satana – Greece



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