Le Voyage dans la lune (1902)

8m (at 25 fps), 14m (at 16 fps), 637 feet/194 metres
35mm film, hand coloured black and white, 1.33:1
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A French film directed by Georges Méliès. Although neither book is credited, it is the first screen adaptation of both by Jules Verne and First Men in by H.G. Wells. A pirated version of the film was released in the USA by Lubin under the title A Trip to Mars.

Plot Summary

A group of fly to the moon where they encounter .


Director: Georges Méliès
Star Film
Based on the novels De la terre à la lune by Jules Verne [uncredited] and by H.G. Wells [uncredited]
Photography: Lucien Tainguy
1995 Music Score: Octavio Vázquez
Costume Designer: Jeanne d'Alcy
Art Director: Claudel [uncredited]

Georges Méliès (Prof. Barbenfouillis)
Bleuette Bernon (woman in the moon)
Farjaut, Kelm, Brunnet (astronomers)
Henri Delannoy (captain)
Jeanne d'Alcy
Victor André
dancers from the Théatre du Chatelet
acrobats from the Folies Bergères

Alternative Titles

Cesta na Mesíc – Czechoslovakia
Een avontuur bij de maan – Netherlands
Matka kuuhun – Finland
Op reis naar de maan – Netherlands (alternative)
Podróz na ksiezyc – Poland
Die Reise zum Mond – Germany
Reisen til månen – Norway
A Trip to Mars – USA (copyright)
A Trip to the Moon – English language title
Utazás a Holdba – Hungary
Viagem à Lua – Brazil
Viaggio nella Luna – Italy
Viaje a la luna – Spain
Voyage to the Moon

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