Le testament du Docteur Cordelier (1959)

74m (UK), 95m
35mm film, 6,660 feet, 4:3
mono, French

A French horror television film directed by Jean Renoir.


Director: Jean Renoir
© [not given on screen]
Consortium Pathé presents an R.T.F.-S.O.F.I.R.A.D., Compagnie Jean Renoir production
Production Manager: Albert Hollebeke
Screenplay: Jean Renoir
Novel: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson *
1st Assistant Director: Maurice Beuchey
Continuity: Andrée Gauthey, Marinette Pasquet
Director of Photography: Georges Leclerc
Camera Operators: Bernard Girod, Jean Graglia, Pierre Guegen, Pierre Lebon, Gilbert Perrot-Minot, Arthur Raymond, Gilbert Sandoz
Editor: Renée Lichtig
Laboratory: Franay L.T.C. Saint-Cloud
Music by: Joseph Kosma
Sound: Joseph Richard
Costumes: Monique Dunand
Special Effects: Lax
Art Director: Marcel-Louis Dieulot
Artistic Collaborator: Jean Serge
Technical Collaborator: Yves-André Hubert

Jean-Louis Barrault [Dr Cordelier/Opale]
Teddy Bilis (Maître Joly)
Sylviane Margollé (the little girl)
Jean Topart (Désiré)
Michel Vitold (Dr Lucien Séverin)
Micheline Gary (Marguerite)
Jacques Dannoville (Commissaire Lardaut)
André Certes (Inspecteur Salbris)
Jean-Pierre Granval (hotel patron)
Céline Sales (the first girl)
Jacqueline Morane (Alberte)
Ghislaine Dumont (Suzy)
Madeleine Marion (Juliette)
Didier d'Yd (Georges)
Primerose Perret (Mary)
Raymond Jourdan (disabled man)
Jaque Catelain (ambassador)
Régine Blaess (his wife)
Gaston Modot (Blaise)
Jacqueline Frot (Camille)

Alternative Titles

The Doctor's Horrible Experiment – USA
Experiment in Evil – UK, USA
Pirullista peliä – Finland
Das Testament des Dr Cordelier – West Germany
The Testament of Doctor Cordelier
El testamento del Dr Cordelier – Spain
Il testamento del mostro – Italy
O Testamento do Médico e do Monstro – Portugal
Tohtori Cordelierin testamentti – Finland

Extracts included in
Extraños (1999)



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