Le système de docteur Goudron et du professeur Plume (1912)

France, 1912
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A French horror film directed by Maurice Tourneur.

Plot Summary

A man arrives at a psychiatric asylum where the inmates have taken over control. He is told by the ‘director’ that he has found a revolutionary and horrifying new cure for insanity – he cuts out the patient’s eye then slits their throat. After performing another operation, the director – clearly another deranged inmate – leads his fellows against their visitor…


Director: Maurice Tourneur
Script/Play: André De Lorde
Story: The System of Dr Tarr and Professor Feather by Edgar Allan Poe

Henri Gouget (Goudron)
Henry Roussel (tourist)
Renée Sylvaire (tourist’s wife)
Bahier (Plume)
Robert Saidreau

Alternative Titles

The Lunatics – alternative title



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