Le seuil du vide (1971)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Jean François Davy.

Plot Summary

A young artist arrives in Paris to escape a failed affair and takes a strange triangular room that she rents from an old woman she meets at the railway station. The room contains a door that she's told not to enter but when curiosity gets the better of her she investigates and finds a strange, featureless black void. Little does she know that she's being targeted by a sinister group of old people who want her youth…


Directed by: Jean François Davy
© Neyrac Films MCMLXXI [1971]
Visa de contrôle cinématographique no. 38.579
Neyrac Films Paris
Produced by: Guy Neyrac
Written by: Alain Gerber, André Ruellan and Jean François Davy
Based on the Novel by: Kurt Steiner
Director of Photography: Louis Soulanes
Editor: Nicole Gauduchon and Cécile Decugis
Music: Jack Arel
Sound Engineer: Gérard Barra
Costume Designer: Jean Claude Philippe
Art Director: Jean Claude Philippe

Dominique Erlanger (Wanda Leibowitz)
Odette Duc (Léonie)
Catherine Rich (Mona)
Michel Lemoine (Franck)
Jean Servais (De Gournais)
Pierre Vaneck (Dr Liancourt)
Georgette Anys (Wanda's mother)
Elizabeth Braconnier [real name: Liza Braconnier]
Jean Droze
Arlette Emery
Adrien Forge
Phillippe Gaste
Karine Jeantet
Yvon Lec
Roger Lumont
Claude Melki
Paul Pavel
André Tomasi

Alternative Titles

Threshold of the Void – English language title



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