Le Rêve de Noël (1900)

3m 30s
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A French fantasy film directed by Georges Méliès.

Plot Summary

“The entire story of Christmastide is here depicted. The scene opens in a large boudoir of an apparently wealthy man's home. His , assisted by their governess, are about to retire. Before lying down they hang up their stockings on the edge of the bed. The picture changes and night appears. We see the housetops of the town and are flying about depositing packages in each of the . is also busy and furnishes our little friends with numerous presents. Again a change in the picture and we see the corridor of the old village church. The sexton, an old grey haired man, stands by, while a number of lusty boys pull the rope attached to the great bell in the belfry. The bell tolling in the steeple bursts into view, after which the interior of the church is seen with the full choir accompanied by the organist and choir boys singing the hymn. Another change and the boudoir is again before us and the children are looking over their presents while their parents are receiving the congratulations of their friends who have come to visit them. The picture changes into that of the great dining hall with the guests sitting around the table and the beggar is brought in and given a place at the table. The conclusion of this beautiful subject is a pretty tableau. We cannot speak too highly of the dissolving effects of this film. One picture dissolves into the other and thus the story is continuous from beginning to the end. Artistically beautiful.” – Edison Catalogue


Directed by: Georges Méliès
Star Film

Georges Méliès (beggar)

Alternative Titles

The Christmas Dream
Karácsonyéji álom
– Hungarian title


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