Le Locataire (1975)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
mono, French

A French horror film directed by Roman Polanski.

Plot Summary

Shy bureaucrat Trelkovsky rents an apartment where the previous tenant committed . Unhappy and picked on by the staff and fellow residents, he becomes convinced that they are trying to drive him to suicide.


Directed by: Roman Polanski
© 1976 Marianne Productions
Paramount [logo] A Roman Polanski film
Executive Producer: Hercules Bellville
Produced by: Andrew Braunsberg
Screenplay by: Gérard Brach, Roman Polanski
Based on the Novel by: Roland Topor
Director of Photography: Sven Nykvist
Film Editor: Françoise Bonnot
Music by: Philippe Sarde
Sound Mixer: Jean-Pierre Ruh
Costumes: Jacques Schmidt
Make-up: Didier Lavergne
Hairdressing: Ludovic Paris
Production Designer: Pierre Guffroy

Roman Polanski 1Not credited on English language prints
Isabelle Adjani
Melvyn Douglas
Jo Ann Fleet
Bernard Fresson
Lila Kedrova
Claude Dauphin
Claude Pieplu
Romain Bouteille
Jacques Monod
Patrice Alexsandre
Jean-Pierre Bagot
Josiane Balasko
Michel Blanc
Floernce Blot
Louba Chazel
Jacques Chevalier
Jacky Cohen
Alain David
Bernard Donnadieu
Alain Frerot
Raoul Guylad
Eva Ionesco
Gérard Jugnot
Hélèna Manson
Maïté Nahyr
André Penvern
Gérard Pereira
Dominique Poulange
Arlette Reinberg
Jacques Rosny
Serge Spira
Vanessa Vaylord
François Viaur
Shelley Winters (the concierge)

Alternative Titles

O Enoikos – Greece
El guimérico inquilino – Spain
De Huurder – Belgium (Flemish)
Hyresgästen – Sweden
L'inquilino del terzo piano – Italy
El inquilino – Argentina, Mexico, Peru
O Inquilino – Brazil, Portugal
Kiraci – Turkey
A Lakó – Hungary
Leieboeren – Norway
Lokator – Poland
Der Mieter – Germany
Den Nye lejer – Denmark
Stanar – Croatia
Stanar – Yugoslavian (Serbian)
The Tenant – UK, USA
Vuokralainen – Finland



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