Le Lac des morts vivants (1980)

France, Spain,
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
mono, French

A French/Spanish horror film directed by Jean Rollin using the pseudonym J.A. Laser and an uncredited Julian Esteban.

Plot Summary

A platoon of German soldiers are ambushed by French villagers during and their bodies thrown in a lake. They later return as to take their while one of the undead seeks out his daughter.


* = uncredited

Directed by: J.A. Laser [real name: Jean Rollin]; Julian Esteban *
© Eurociné 1980 [credited on English language prints but not the French print]
Eurociné presents a film by J.A. Laser [real name: Jean Rollin] A Daniel White Paris, J.E. Films Madrid co-production
Producer: Marius Lesoeur
Associate Producer: Daniel Lesoeur *
Adaptation [French prints] Screenplay [English language prints]: A.L. Mariaux [real name: Marius Lesoeur]
Story: Julien Esteban [Julius Valery on English language prints]
Based on an Idea by: Jesus Franco *
Script Supervisor: Ilona Kunesova
Director of Photography: Max Monteillet
Underwater Photography: Henri Alliet in collaboration with Comex Pro
Editor: Claude Gros [French version; Maria Luisa Soriano [Spanish version]
Music: Daniel White
Make-up: Christiane Sauvage
Special Effects: Michael Nizza

Howard Vernon [the mayor]
Pierre Escourrou [the German soldier]
Anouchka [Helena]
Anthony Mayans [Morane]
Nadine Pascale [Helena's mother]
Youri Rad [real name: Youri Radionow] [Chanac]
Burt Altman [real name Bertrand Altmann] [Detective Moran]
Gilda Arancio [zombie attack survivor]
Marcia Sharif [Katya]
Yvonne Dani [Dany]
Jean-René Bleu
Jean Rollin [Detective Spitz]
Alain Deruelle [Pedro]
Britt Carva *
Fred Sanders *
Edmond Besnard *
René Douglas *
Julian Esteban *
Alain Petit [villager with flamethrower] *
Jean Roville [inspector] *
Claude Sendron [inspector's friend] *
Marius Lesoeur [villager with gun] *

Alternative Titles

El lago de los muertos vivientes – Spanish title
The Lake of the Living Dead
Het Meer der Levende Doden – Dutch title
Zombie's Lake
Zombie Lake

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Extracts included in
Zombiethon (1986)



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