Le laboratoire de l’angoisse (1971)

mono, French

A French science fiction film directed by Patrice Leconte.

Plot Summary

Antoine, a cleaner at the IMPS laboratory, is madly in love with the facility's only female scientist, Clara but she barely notices him. He even resorts to deliberately breaking vials of experimental chemicals in order to get noticed – with catastrophic and horrific results.


Directed by: Patrice Leconte
Les Films de la Pléiade
Produced by: Pierre Braunberger
Production Manager: Roger Fleytoux
Script: Patrice Leconte
Assistant Director: Luc Béraud
Director of Photography: Jean Gonnet
Camera Operator: Arlette Massay
Editor: Marguerite Renoir
Sound: Alain Sempé
Make Up: Didier Lavergne
Unit Manager: Armand Barbault

Marianne di Vettimo (Mademoiselle Clara)
Marcel Gotlib (chemist)
Michel Such (Antoine)