Le Frisson des vampires (1970)

72m (UK), 90m, 6480 ft
35mm film, Eastmancolor

A French horror film directed by Jean Rollin.

Plot Summary

Newlyweds Antonio and Ise visit the old castle owned by Ise's recently deceased cousins. Overnight, Ise is led to a graveyard by the vampire Isolde (who emerges from a grandfather clock) and bitten during a strange ceremony. Antonio must try to rescue his new bride from the clutches of Isolde and her vampire clan…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jean Rollin
Visa de Contróle Cinématographique no. 37629
Les Films Modernes and Les Films ABC present
Producer: Jacques Prayer *
Script: Jean Rollin *
Director of Photography: Jean-Jacques Renon
Editor: Olivier Grégoire
Music: Groupe Acanthus
Sound Engineer: Jean-Paul Loublier
Make-up: Eric Pierre
Art Director: Michel Delesalles

Sandra Julien (Ise)
Jean-Marie Durand (Antoine)
Michel Delahaye (1st vampire)
Jacques Robiolles (2nd vampire)
Marie-Pierre [real name: Marie-Pierre Castel], Kuelan Herce (maids)
Nicole Nancel (Isabelle)
Dominique (Isolde)

Alternative Titles

El amanecer de los vampiros – Spanish DVD title
Sex and the Vampire
The Shiver of the
– US DVD title
Strange Things Happen at Night
– US title
Los temores de los vampiros
– Spanish title
The Terror of the Vampires
Thrill of the Vampires
Vampire Thrills
Violenza ad una vergine nella terra dei morti viventi
– Italian title


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