Le Chevalier de la nuit (1954)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A French horror film directed by Robert Darène.

Plot Summary

Ballerina Bella Fontanges has grown disenchanted with her relationship with her lover George Segar. One stormy night they seek refuge in an isolated mansion where the mysterious Squire offers to separate Georges evil side from his good. Initially the procedure is a success but Georges soon becomes more dangerously unpredictable.


Directed by: Robert Darène
Telenet Film
Produced by: Adolphe Osso, Renée Saint-Cyr
Script: Jean Anouilh
Director of Photography: Roger Hubert
Editor: Germaine Artus
Music: Jean-Jacques Grünenwald
Costume Designer: Rosine Delamare
Production Designer: Robert Gys

Renée Saint-Cyr (Bella Fontanges)
Jean-Claude Pascal (Georges de Ségar/the stranger)
Grégoire Aslan (the prefect of police)
François Martin (Saint-André)
Luc Andrieux (coachman)
Claude Arley
Roger Blin (servant)
Gérard Buhr (policeman)
Pierre Destailles (commissioner)
Louis de Funès (tailor)
Charlotte Ecard (usherette)
Gilbert Edard (doctor)
Lefevre Bel [real name: René Lefevre-Bel (minister)
Andrée Tainsy (dresser)
Roger Vincent (majordomo)
Marie-José Darène, Hubert Noël (lovers)
Lucien Raimbourg (guide)
Jacques Dufilho (Machard)
Lili Bontemps
Jean Servais (lord)
Annette Poivre (Blanche)
Jacques Butin
Marcel Rouzé